Serfas® was founded upon two principles: exceptional customer service and innovative products.

With backgrounds in retail, founders Ray and Domino set out to create Serfas®, a bicycle accessories company, to build upon their success in creating and introducing innovative gel comfort saddles to the cycling industry. Over 20 years later this innovative philosophy remains strong throughout company values, friendly educated staff, and personal touches on all levels.

Serfas® is dedicated to the success of its dealers and providing exceptional customer satisfaction while striving for continuous product improvement, design, and innovation. Through careful observation and analysis of industry trends and working with an amazing sales force and highly capable manufacturers Serfas® remains a cycling product pioneer.

Serfas® guarantee our dealers and their customers are getting the highest value in the product they sell and purchase. They strive to continue their legacy as a recognized brand known for its great products, the hard working intelligent people behind them, and the wonderful cyclists of all kinds they make them for.

Please email us for anything Serfas or visit our web-store on this website.